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Records and Archives In the News is a compilation of news stories 
related to records and archives management.

DeWine brokers deal to release sensitive WWII files to historians
Dayton Daily News (subscription) - Dayton,OH,USA
... Agency, which had been reluctant to declassify the documents despite
a DeWine ... group set about locating, declassifying and releasing US
records related to ...

Judge denies Guidant bid to keep documents sealed
Boston Globe - United States
... to determine whether 600,000 other documents it produced ... Records
previously disclosed in the case were subpoenaed ... editions that newly
released files show that ...

Google Office: it's about file formats, not MS Office
Ars Technica - Boston,MA,USA
... can import Microsoft Word's DOC files, supports viewing ... Firefox,
would be breaking download records and earning ... An open standard for
documents is everything ...

'Red Tape' Untied As Delco Makes Archives Available To Public
Holmes Media Town Talk News - Holmes/Media,PA,USA
... birth and death records, criminal case files, naturalization and ...
man who died in 1876, the records show that ... tape" when they see 
documents that are tri ...

Senators bristle at FBI effort to view papers of deceased ...
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
... University officials, who have some of the reporter's files. ... 
has refused to relinquish the documents to the FBI ... any subpoenas to
compel the records to be ...

Insurance Companies Work to Safeguard Personal Information
13WHAM-TV - Rochester,NY,USA
... That information--including names, birth dates, and Social Security
numbers--was on a laptop stolen from the home of a VA department 
last month. ...

Compliance: The Proactive Approach
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal - Fairfield,NJ,USA
... It should be highly customizable to your company's needs for 
lifecycle management and scalable enough to accommodate any foreseeable
growth. ...

Recall shreds myths about the paperless office
Gwinnett Business Journal - Lawrenceville,GA,USA
... Finally, there is the need to properly dispose of sensitive 
Secure document shredding is a big part of Recall's business, Trujillo
says. ...

PC World warns that a decade of family memories are under threat
Retail Bulletin - Croydon,UK
... British families are trading in their traditional archives of 
photos, cine film, videos, CDs and records for new, convenient digital
storage media, but ...

National Archives Sidesteps Obsolescence - Strawberry Hills,NSW,Australia
June 7th, 2006: The Australian National Archives announces the 
of its triad of digital document management tools with successful 
of 'XML ...

Kennedy Library sets plan to grow
Boston Globe - United States
... As the plan is now proposed, the National Archives and Records 
would pay UMass $2 million in federal money for the land and spend $20
million ...

CIA Ties With Ex-Nazis Shown
Washington Post - United States
... CIA records show. The records were among 27,000 pages of documents
made public yesterday at the National Archives. They shed new ...

Download for dismissal - Cape Town,South Africa
... directly from your PC. Confidential documents that make their way to
your inbox are your responsibility. Try keeping these documents ...
USAF Gives Some Lieutenants A Second Chance
Aero-News Network - FL,USA
... of their unlucky result, did the Air Force learn that a number of 
records were missing a particular document due to a records-management
error. ...

Office denies approving documents' release
Baltimore Sun - United States
... The Sun had filed a public records request as part of an 
of the Transportation Authority Police practice of providing armed 
for ...

Bulgaria to open former communist agents' files
Bucharest Daily News - Bucharest,Romania
... In 2002, lawmakers passed a law saying all communist police records
should be transferred to the State Archive, effectively opening them to
the general public. ...

Norshield records destroyed, affidavit says
Montreal Gazette - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
... in an affidavit supporting the request for the order that an 
informant" had alleged William Urseth and Lino Matteo destroyed 
relating to ...

FileNet, Decru Partners to Deliver Secure Content Management
SDA India Magazine - Singapore
... policies for access controls, security, and data privacy, which are
complmentary to FileNet’s Content Manager, Email Manager, and Records
Manager customers. ...

Management structure contributed to VA data breach, observers say - USA
... to the VA, the employee had been taking sensitive records home 
... seeks an injunction that would prevent VA from altering any data 
system and ...

DOD data center worked overtime on stolen personnel files - Falls Church,VA,USA
... its files with the VA database, a process which it should complete
by the end of the week, at which time the center could determine a 
number of records ...

Lawyers say they never told Daley about files: sources
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
... Sorich told his secretary to print out copies of files handed over
to the Law Department and that it made no sense that he would have 
records destroyed ...

The Amateur Sleuth Who Gave the Archives a Red Face
Washington Post - United States
The scandal over missing documents that rocked the National Archives 
spring came to light not because of the digging of an investigative 
or a ...

Historic preservation division to close temporarily
Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson,MS,USA
The state archives and history department’s historic preservation 
will be closed Thursday through June 16 as it moves from the GM&O Depot
to the ...

Florida's history
Tallahassee Democrat - Tallahassee,FL,USA
... Part of the State Archives of Florida, the photo archive is a gold
mine of 850,000 photographs and images from the mid 15th century forward
that are artfully ...

United States: The Criminalization of Corporate Conduct—More ...
Mondaq News Alerts (subcription) - London,UK
... In addition, employers are well advised to evaluate their document
retention policies, particularly in light of recent litigation that 
the ...

E-Discovery Attorneys: Hot or Not?
New York Law Journal - New York,NY,USA
... What's more, he or she could initiate internal document retention 
determine how to best process internal electronic data and coordinate
collection ...

Outing the Ghosts in Boise's Closet
Boise Weekly - ID, USA
... Partnering with historian Alan Virta, a former archivist at the 
of Congress and now the head of special collections at Boise State, 
set out to ...

'U' returns papers of Russian philosopher
MSU Today - East Lansing,MI,USA
... 12 cartons of books from Il’in’s personal library and two cartons
of manuscripts, typescripts and letters that have not been organized by
an archivist. ...

Ghosts of gossip past are rescued from fire and water
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... special collections? "This is killer,'' said David Pullen, special
collections senior archivist, reading a 1920s front page. "This ...

Rare books on the block
Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati,OH,USA
... At least one local archivist regrets that the museum center did not
make a greater effort to find a way to keep the collection intact, and
in Cincinnati. ...

Who will be the ‘Enron’ of Information Privacy?
Computerworld - USA
... to go along with this one; Fidelity lost control over HP pension 
participants' person information and Bank of America lost backup tapes
that contained ...

105 days, 85,000 files - yet it's still not over
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
... on the case will now decide how many of the 85,000 documents on the
... to give evidence about a Microsoft Word document produced for the
case from Seven's files. ...

Benton Courier, Wed, 07 Jun 2006 12:14 PM PDT
Alderman Freeman charged with felony; Investigation into tampering
leads to charge
Benton Alderman Ray Freeman today was charged with tampering with
public records, a Class D felony.

Peter A. Kurilecz
Richmond, Va
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