I recently birded Tall Timbers Research Station (near Tallahassee) and had a 
good go of it!
Total species tally was 58 including:

-red headed, pileated, red-bellied, and downy woodpeckers
-white breasted and brown headed nuthatches
-bachman's sparrow, northern bobwhite, and summer tanager
-orchard oriole, blue grosbeak, indigo bunting, eastern bluebird, and
yellow-breasted chat
-green, little blue, tri-colored, and great-blue heron
-great and snowy egrets
-woodstork and white ibis
-purple gallinule
-4 ruby throated-hummingbirds
-red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks
and yellow-billed cuckoo

As some of you may know we have been been revamping the bird window
overlooking Gannet Pond.  Things are coming along nicely... If you haven't
visited in a while come by and take a look for yourself!  You'll likely be
pleasantly surprised.  That being said however, it's a work in progress and
I'll greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Best Birds,

C.K. Borg
{ckborg AT}
South Georgia / North Florida

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