Here are the remaining 2006 and 2007 schedules for birding tours at  
STA-5 in Hendry County. The next birding tour is this coming  
Saturday, June 24th. Please contact Margaret England c/o the Hendry- 
Glades Audubon Society ahead of time if you and your group plan to go  
on any of these tours. Margaret can be contacted @ 863.517.0202 or by  
email at:  [log in to unmask]  For general information,  
contact BJ Kattel @ 561.682.6640

Note: Beginning in May 2006 , birders will be allowed to drive around  
the cell 1-B in a one-way fashion. It is strongly advised to carpool  
to minimize the number for vehicles in the area. The caravan will be  
led by the Hendry-Glades Audubon Society staff/member. If severe  
weather occurs, the birding tour may be cancelled. Please give  
Margaret a cellphone number if possible where you can be reached. All  
tours begin at 8:30 am at the main gate to STA-5. Birders may also  
caravan from the La Belle McDonald's parking lot at 8:00 am with  
Margaret  England if desired. For a map to STA-5, go here:


 From West Palm Beach and points east:

 From I-95 take Southern Blvd. (S.R. 80) approximately 45 miles west  
to the town of South bay. From South bay, proceed west on U.S. Rte.  
27 approximately 13.5 miles to C.R. 835 (aka Evercane Rd.) -- look  
for J&J Agricultural Products sign on left). Turn south on C.R. 835  
and go approximately 9.5 miles to Blumberg Rd. (at second bend in the  
road). Turn left at Blumberg Rd. and continue approximately 9 miles  
to the STA-5 turn-off (unpaved road on the right). Go 2.5 miles on  
the unpaved road to the STA-5 entrance gate.

 From Ft. Myers/Naples and points west:

Take C.R. 846 (Immokalee) Rd east, through the town of Immokalee.  
Turn right at Main Street and go 3/4 mile or so before C.R. 846 turns  
off to the left by the Immokalee Airport all the way to where it  
intersects with C.R. 833. This is a sharp right-hand turn at that  
intersection with C.R. 833.  C.R. 833 is also called Government Rd.  
or Snake Rd. further south of the Big Cypress Seminole Indian  
Reservation.  About two or three miles north of the Big Cypress  
Seminole Indian Reservation, leave C.R. 833 and turn left at the C.R.  
835 sign heading toward Clewiston. Take C.R. 835 which zigs and zags  
east-west & north-south past Canon Hammock S.P. onward to Clewiston  
but only take C.R. 835 as far as Blumberg Rd., (watch for the big  
communication tower on your left) and turn south (right) for 9.5  
miles or so until the road splits and a dirt road goes off to the  
right from the paved road. Take that dirt road 2.5 miles to reach STA-5.

 From Miami and points south:

STA-5 is south of Clewiston on the NW corner of Rotenberger WMA. From  
Miami: Get to Alligator Alley (I-75) via your favorite route (e.g.,  
Turnpike to I-75, Palmetto to I-75, I-95 to I-595 W to I-75). Go west  
to Government aka Snake Road at the Miccosukee gas station -- (Exit  
49 of I-75) and head north. Take Government Road north to S.R. 835.  
Follow S.R. 835 west, north, and west to Blumberg Road. Take  
Blumberg, which quickly turns south, for about 9 miles to the STA-5  
turn-off (dirt road). Go south for another 2 1/2 miles on the dirt  
road to the STA-5 entrance gate. Park before the gate in the area to  
the right.

Alternate route: From I-75, take US Rte. 27 north to South Bay.  
Contiue west on US Rte. 27 from South Bay toward Clewiston for about  
13 1/2 miles. Look for Evercane Road (C.R. 835) and the J & J  
Agricultural Products sign. Continue south on C.R. 835 for about 9  
1/2 miles to Blumberg Rd (at the second bend in the road). Turn left  
onto Blumberg and continue another nine miles to the STA-5 turnoff  
(dirt road). Go south for 2 1/2 miles on the dirt road to the STA 5  
entrance gate. Park before the gate in the area to the right.

2006: All Saturdays

June 24
July 29
Aug. 26 (Fall Bird Count)
Sept. 23
Oct. 14
Nov. 11
Nov. 25
Dec. 9
Dec. 23

2007: ALL Saturdays

Jan. 13
Jan. 27
Feb. 3
Feb. 17 (Great Backyard Bird Count)
March 10
March 31 or Apr. 1 (Big O Birding)
Apr. 14
Apr. 28
May 12 (Summer Bird Count)

See you there!

Good birding!

Vincent Lucas
Naples, FL
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