Yesterday I took my boat to the southernmost areas of Volusia County along the St. John's River south of Rt 46.

Several items of note:

At Loughman's Lake (very low water there with large areas of exposed mudflat):
181 Black-necked Stilts
8 Lesser Yellowlegs
3 Greater Yellowlegs
8 Dowitchers sp. (They looked very humped-backed, but were silent and too far away with too many heat waves to be sure of the species.)

St. John's River:
Caspian Tern -hawking over the marshes and river, very unusual here this time of year.

A large colony (50+) of Barn Swallows nesting under the RT46 Bridge.
Most unique was a partial albino Barn Swallow - it was very nearly completely white with only a dusky tint to the feathers.

A colony of 25 Least Terns nesting on the open flats off the river. 
Dozens of pairs of Black-necked Stilts
Purple Gallinule
Least Bittern (4)

Also lots of really large alligators. One bank was lined with 16 gators 8 - 10+ feet long.



Michael Brothers
Marine Science Center
Ponce Inlet

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