I have been trying to get an SI program started here for several years,
without much success. I now have a professor who is willing to give it a
try and a prospective SI leader. The question I have is that the professor
has asked the leader to grade tests and homework. My first instinct is that
this should not be a part of the SI relationship, although I have no
concrete data to back this up. The SI leader said he is willing to grade on
his own time, but I am still not sure that this is a sound pedagogical
move. I need to tap into your collective wisdom on this. Any references to
SI literature would be very helpful here, as I reviewed all of the info I
have and have not come up with an answer to this question, or those below:
What are the pros and cons of having an SI leader grade homework and tests?
Can you share your experiences w/ starting an SI program?
The professor thinks he is getting a TA at no cost to his department. What
are the similarities and differences between an SI leader and a TA?

Roberta Schotka
NADE'08 conference co-chair
Head, Peer Tutoring
Northeastern University Libraries, 242 SL
(617) 373-2150 voice
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