Depending on your population of students, you may find grade and GPA to
not provide you much.  I'd also suggest looking at re-enrollment in
subsequent semesters and graduation rates for students who use tutoring
as compared to those who do not.  You might also want to compare the
percent of students in good academic standing, the percent on academic
probation and/or the percent dismissed.

What we have found over time is that often, in the aggregate, we don't
see a substantial difference between students who use tutoring and those
who do not.  Their reasons for coming to tutoring are very different. 
Some may be trying to boost their B to an A, which some are praying that
they can pull their F to a D.  

We found, often that it was the difference between students with C's
versus D's, and GPA's above and below the dismissal/probation line that
showed up between those who did and did not receive tutoring.  Those are
critical points to consider when you are looking at overall retention. 
It can mean the difference between staying in school and leaving or
getting into a major or not.  

I suggested looking at re-enrollment in subsequent semesters because we
found that students who used tutoring re-enrolled in slightly higher
numbers than those who did not. Based on what I said earlier about that
C/D line might be a cause.  In addition, the foundational academic
skills that they gained from tutoring may have come too late for that
course they were failing when they came to see you, but it has the
potential to help them improve overall in subsequent semesters.  

Don't expect to see a direct correlation between number of tutoring
hours and grade in the course.  That simply won't happen.  As I said
above, students may come 2-3 times to improve their grade from a B to an
A, or they may come 15 times and fail the course anyway.  That is always
problematic in evaluating tutoring.  

Keep your eye on those retention variables.  You may want to maintain
re-enrollment data on tutored students through several years so you can
show if they are graduating or not and compare that to the campus as a

Now that I've stirred the pot a bit, I'm hoping others can provide you
with some other ideas and opinions.  Each school is different.

Good luck.

Shevawn Eaton, Ph.D.
Director, ACCESS/ESP
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
PH: (815) 753-0581

FAX: (815) 753-4115

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Dear Friends, 
At Century College in White Bear Lake, MN, we are conducting a study
regarding the "Effects of Peer Tutoring" as it relates to the retention
rates here.  Have any of you ever participated in a study like this or
do you know where I might research to find a model already set up?  

The following is a list of the areas we can think of to include in the
study.  Do any of you think of anything else or a better way to word
what I am asking for?

Purpose of the Request:  The purpose of this request is to assist the
requestor in compiling necessary data related to students who acquired
assistance from the Peer Tutor Program at Century College from the Fall
of 2004 through the Spring of 2007.  The data will the basis for a study
comparing the effects of peer tutoring in a group of students who
utilized the services of peer tutors to those who did not utilize the
peer tutor services. 

Data Fields:  Cumulative GPA scores, term GPA scores, specific course
grade, number of hours tutoring each tutee received, percentage of
credits completed by each tutee.

 Format (chart, table, data set) :Charts, tables, and data set as well
as a written report will become the format.

Jackie Hays
Reading/Study Skills
Century College 
White Bear Lake, MN 55115
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