We've been using TutorTrac for our peer tutoring center and writing
center for 5 years now.  

I like the online help system on the pages, denoted by a ? (question
mark) at the right hand side of something on a page.  Not sure what that
means? Click on the question mark and you see the explanation, in the
context of the page you're working on.  I also email the folks there
w/questions and they are sooooo nice about answering, holding my hand. 
We got a new server (five years is a long time in computerland) and
David and Marcus helped immensely.  

Jan and everyone else is right...get your IT staff talking to the
Redrock Software guys.  Not only do they speak the same language, but I
think our IT dep't. can learn from the quality of service that TTrac
gives.  We have Banner, and like Jan (I think?), we upload demographic
data every so often.   

Our new admin. assistant in March learned TutorTrac very quickly, and
discovered reports I didn't know about.  One I hadn't used before but
wanted for my annual report (Marcus in TTrac helped me figure it out)was
how to see what majors were going to tutoring for each course.  Very
cool.  My Econ prof husband and his department will love to see those many in those intro courses are int'l. business vs. econ vs.
int'l relations, etc. etc. 

We use it differently from many places, having the tutors and writing
consultants log out the students, since we have certain questions we
want to tutors to answer after each session...when was the assignment
due, first-time visit or not, stage of the writing process for a paper,
or other reason for visit.  So our students use it to make and cancel
appointments only, often doing it in the early hours of the morning
after a long night. That was the biggest reason for adopting it way back
when, but now the record keeping and data crunching aspects are foremost
in my mind.

Best wishes with your new toy!  It's such a relief not to have paper
scheduling. And what a dream for program stats.


Suzanne Robertshaw, tutor coordinator
Johnson Student Resource Center (TJ's)
Rollins College   1000 Holt Ave. 2613
Winter Park, FL  32789   USA
(office) 407 646-2652   (fax) 407 646-2245   [log in to unmask]

"Knowledge emerges only through invention and reinvention,  through 
the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry men pursue in 
the world, with the world, and with each other." ~Paulo Freire

"Good writing is clear thinking made visible." ~Bill Wheeler

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