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To all readers of "Social Networks"

The editorship of Social Networks has recently changed from Lin Freeman 
and Ron Breiger to Pat Doreian and Tom Snijders. As new editors, we are
profoundly grateful to Lin and Ron, for bringing the journal to its 
current excellent position in publishing and promoting good research 
about social networks, and for advancing the visibility and use of this 
research in diverse fields in the social sciences. Lin, the founding 
editor, has steered the journal since 1978 and deserves much credit and 
gratitude for his efforts.

The management of submissions and reviews has changed and now is fully
automatic at Elsevier's author gateway. This is easily found using a 
search machine; the link for Social Networks is
There is a rather large backlog of papers in press (we try to do 
something about this); note that these can be viewed at Science Direct 
through the link

Scientific journals are possible only through collective efforts and we 
are very grateful to authors, reviewers, and Elsevier as the publisher, 
for their cooperation in keeping this journal alive and further 
improving it.

We are now working on the transition (of editorship and the automatic
review system) and we apologize for the lack of smoothness that this may
have for some previously submitted papers. We realize that handling of
papers during this transition is not always as prompt as it could be, 
and we are doing our best to return to the normal situation where all 
submitted papers have an acceptably brief time under review.

Pat Doreian
Tom Snijders

patrick doreian
department of sociology
university of pittsburgh
phone (412) 648-7537
fax (412) 648- 2799
tom a.b. snijders
professor of statistics and methodology
department of sociology, university of groningen
grote rozenstraat 31
9712 tg groningen
the netherlands

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