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I am new to SNA. I am working on an engineering project that studies the
interdependency among critical infrastructures, such as electricity, water,
hospital, telecommunication, power plants, etc. I am exploring the possibility
of using SNA software to simulate infrastructure interdependency.

Infrastructure interdependency gives rise to an infrastructure network. In this
project, apart from studying the structural characteristics of infrastructure
network, such as centrality etc., I am wondering if there is any SNA software
that can be used to simulate, for instance, the material/info/energy flows
between infrastructures during an emergency/disaster situation?

From my shallow reading of SNA, I get a sense that SNA deals less with dynamic
situations where different variables change as time goes by. For instance, in a
disaster situation, medical supplies/hospital beds/food, etc. run down as the
clock ticks, can we use SNA software to simulate this?

Sorry if my questions sound silly. Thank you for your time.


Choon-Lee Chai
Dept of Sociology
University of Saskatchewan

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