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I’m working on a proposal for a multilevel project
on determinants of certain beliefs and risk behaviors.
The idea is that we’ll survey people from different
social organizations (church groups, fraternal orders,
business associations, etc) in the community, then
analyze the data within each network and across the
networks in the sample. 

I’m trying to determine what sample size we’ll
need to pull this off. I’m basing my estimate of the
number of networks on Maas and Hox’s paper
(Methodology 2005, 1(3):85-91), but don’t know how
many people I’ll need in each network. Is there a
rule of thumb for sample size required for reasonable
analyses of network structure and patterns of beliefs
and behaviors? 

Please forgive the vague question- I realize there are
a number of issues at play here, such as robustness of
measures for small samples. That said, I’m really
hoping to elicit some answer in the form of: “In
general, I think it’s appropriate to do SNA on a
network of X individuals.” 



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