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Hello SOCNETters 

I have a set of questions Iıd like to pose to the community, in part because
Iım really trying to get an understanding of best practice here. Rather than
have one email with 2 questions, Iıve chosen to break this up into separate
emails. My rationale for this approach is that people who might be
interested in engaging on one topic may not be interested in discussing the

The situation: We developed a list of participants for a network study and
used it to generate a survey instrument to gather relational data among the
network that included all the names of the participants. After we sent it
out, a few people surveyed identified individuals they believed should have
been included in the survey.

The question: What do you do?

BTW: I'm being sparse in the description so as not to pollute the well of
discourse here, but any choice will have ramifications, and I'm interested
in your perception of those as well.

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