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Dear list members,


I am trying to make a stressful decision.  With no background in SNA I
am trying to decide whether or not to ask my students this fall to buy
the book Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek and to include
that in a traditional research methods for public administration course.
I understand Ucinet 6 is somewhat more intuitive, but I doubt that his
has a textbook associated with it, as does Pajek.  


I have GoToMyPC on my office computer.  Is someone on this list willing
to meet with me real-time on the telephone and help me begin to
understand Pajek by letting me share my computer online for a while?  I
will be happy to make the long distance telephone call within the US.


I am in the Eastern time zone, US.


Thank you,



Dr. Bruce Neubauer, Assistant Professor

University of South Florida




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