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Dear friends,


I recently learned of the convention that the one who asks a question to
the list has a responsibility to consolidate responses and feed that
information back to the list.  I want to be a good citizen, but I
hesitate to consolidate and post responses, not knowing clearly how to
share what others have shared with me.  I will, of course, remove
anything written to me personally not directly related to my question.
In writing to me personally, do all members know to expect that I will
share their identities and thoughts to all others on the list?  At the
feeling level, it does not feel right to me to do that.  I think I would
rather remove the names of people who have responded to my question and
only report to list the substance of their insights.  But then that
could be interpreted as a violation of people wanting credit for having
shared what they know.  


Yes, I score as an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs and this concern is evidence
of that of the "I," the "F" and the "J."  I also realize that by asking
this question I now become responsible for an additional consolidation
of responses and risk receiving a variety of opinions.  In the instance
of an absence of consensus, I will remove all personal identifiers
before posting responses to list.  


I very much value this list!  So many people have been so friendly and


Thank you,



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