Hi BEST buddies!

Well I know this is a little last minute but TOMORROW is the BESTS 
"Week of Welcome" tabling event!!!    I really need someone to 
come help out with this.   I know quite a few people showed 
interest, and it would greatly benefit our society and the 
knowledge of those who choose to join BEST.

I will be there from 10 until 12:30.  Then I have classes.  Can 
anyone help me out tabling until 3pm.  This is really important 
for getting new freshman recruited and getting the word out about 
BESTS to those who still don't know.

Please email me ASAP or call me on my cell phone if you can help 
out.  Two people tabling is twice the amount of people recruited 
so please come represent.

561 222 0969

Patrick O'Dell

PS- Could we get a digester out there or maybe a hyacinth plant in 
a big beaker.  I'll bring my labtop.  Also, Brian can you send me 
a list of the speakers from last year if you still have it.  I'd 
like to make a small handout with info and previous events.