Hey everyone,


This is just a follow-up to the message a few days ago about Gainesville
recycling taking all plastics now.  I called the Solid Waste Division
yesterday to get the scoop, and here it is:  Gainesville solid waste is
taking all types of plastics now, but only for bottles or containers with
necks.  The person I talked to said that they won't take things like tubs,
food trays, or objects with weird shapes except in plastics 1-3.  I assume
they won't take plastic wrapping and packaging either since they don't
collect #2 plastic bags.  They've been doing this all for a little while
now, but have kept it on the down-low to prevent getting loads of
hard-to-recycle plastics of the wrong shape.


This all is just what I heard from the lady on the phone line though.  If
someone has some insider information on an even more recent development that
a few with Solid Waste Division recycling may still not know about, please


I have included the Gainesville general curbside pick-up recycling
guidelines below for everyone's convenience.


Chris Goddard


What to Recycle

Big Blue 

*	Plastic Containers 
*	Metal Cans
*	Glass Bottles & Jars

Big Orange 

*	Brown Paper Bags & Newspapers
*	Magazines, Catalogs & Telephone Books
*	Corrugated Cardboard



Milk jugs, soda bottles, and other plastic bottles and jars. Please rinse.
Please remove all caps and lids. Step on plastic to save space! Empty
household bleach bottles are acceptable. No plastic bags please. Not
accepted: petroleum product containers, pool chemicals, pesticide containers
or food trays.

Metal Cans:

Empty aerosol cans and remove plastic lids. Recycle all food and beverage
cans. Rinse and keep metal lids attached for recycling or place them in the
bottom of the cans and squeeze the top of the can so it doesn't fall out.
Please, no scrap metal, paint cans or aluminum foil. 


Recycle all clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars. Rinse and remove
lids, labels are ok. No window panes, glasses, pyrex or other dishes.


Brown Paper Bags & Newspapers

Recycle clean, dry newspapers and inserts. Wet newspapers cannot be
accepted, so if it is going to rain, either cover the newspaper or save them
for next week. Brown shopping bags are accepted in the orange bin, but not
plastic bags. Take plastic bags to grocery stores for recycling. Please
remove adhesive address labels from mailed newspapers.

No junk mail or office paper please.

Magazines, Catalogs & Telephone Books

All magazines and catalogs are recyclable. Please bag them separately from
newspapers. Telephone books will be collected year-round.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard only (the kind with a wavy layer in the middle).
Cardboard boxes should be no larger than 3' x 3'. No pasteboard boxes, such
as cereal or shoe boxes or beverage cartons. No pizza boxes please.

Empty all packing materials and FLATTEN boxes. It is not necessary to cut
boxes apart.