Doane's Agricultural Report (August 4, 2006 issue) reported that the
"first" commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant will be built in
Augusta, Georgia (USA) on a former Pfizer pharmaceutical manufacturing
complex site. It will produce 50 million gallons per year and will begin
production by mid-2007. The plant will be built by New York based
Xethanol and will primarily use forestry residues and waste wood
prevalent in the region. The technology also promises to make ethanol
out of crop residues and other biomass as well. 

Allen Tyree  

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This is a reminder of the upcoming Farm to Fuel Summit in Orlando, FL
August 30th - September 1st.   For information visit:

This site has the current agenda, hotel information and registration
form.  Please note, even though not listed on the form, there is a
special registration rate of $100 for students.

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