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August 1, 2006
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Austin Opens 19 B20 Pumps
Countrymark Makes B5 Pipeline Run
Don’t Wrinkle Your Unibrow Trying to Spell Biodiesel
Jeep® to Fuel Grand Cherokee CRD with B5 at the Factory
MoDOT, Florida P&L Demo Diesel-Hybrids Revamps its Web Presence
A Pretty Woman With a New Cause
Banded Together for Biodiesel
Plant Opening Today Represents Plant, Terminal and User Growth
Schoolchildren Paint a Biodiesel Picture


Austin Opens 19 B20 Pumps

A city known for its live music is now also renowned to the nation’s
biodiesel enthusiasts.  Nineteen Shell stations in the Austin, Texas,
area have opened pumps that carry a blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80
percent diesel (B20).

Austin Biofuels, a biodiesel distributor and marketer, teamed up with
Triple S Petroleum, a local petroleum distributor, to roll out B20 to
its Shell-branded “Signature Austin” convenience stores in July.

“We’ve had a B99 and B100 presence in town since 2003, but adding these
B20 pumps will really expand our customer base,” said Jeff Plowman,
president of Austin Biofuels.

One other pump in Austin carries B20, bringing the total to 20.  NBB
estimates that there are more than 800 retail pumps, with varying blend
levels of biodiesel, nationally.
About 1,700 petroleum distributors like Triple S carry biodiesel
nationwide.  This news is music to the ears of diesel drivers in Austin
and the rest of the country.

Countrymark Makes B5 Pipeline Run

Countrymark recently became the first company to announce a successful
B5 run through a pipeline that carries gasoline, diesel and heating oil.
The biodiesel distributor based in Indiana and member of the National
Biodiesel Board (NBB) announced last week the Jolietville, Ind.,
terminal received 210,000 gallons of the five percent biodiesel blend
from its Mt. Vernon refinery.

“We consider this a major move by a major company involved in the
refining and pipeline business,” said Steve Howell, Technical Director
for NBB. “Thanks to Countrymark testing a pipeline run, doubts are
lessened from it simply never being done before. This run by Countrymark
provides some definitive data that running B5 in a US pipeline can be
done successfully.”

Employing the Co-op’s pipeline to move this shipment eliminated the need
to haul three traditional transport truckloads of B100 over the road the
238 miles for blending at the rack.

The load received in Jolietville was subjected to thorough sampling and
scrutiny by an independent lab to ensure that fuel specifications and
transportation expectations were met. Samples were also pulled from the
tender prior to the B5 and following the B5 to confirm no unusual
pre-existing or residual effects that could potentially compromise fuel

Don’t Wrinkle Your Unibrow Trying to Spell Biodiesel

Defining a new level of success, the word “biodiesel” appears in the
2006 update of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh
Edition. This marks the first time that it has appeared in the
dictionary, and signifies that biodiesel is becoming a household word.

That means “biodiesel” joins the ranks of “unibrow,” “ringtone,” and
“supersize” in modern lexicography.

The new dictionary defines biodiesel as: “a fuel that is similar to
diesel fuel and is derived from usually vegetable sources (as soybean

“Appearing as a word in the dictionary gives biodiesel the credibility
that it deserves,” said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board.
“It shows we are making an impact on getting biodiesel into the
mainstream, and that is very gratifying.”

Jeep® to Fuel Grand Cherokee CRD with B5 at the Factory

Chrysler Group announced last week that its first diesel-powered,
full-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) offered in the United States will
be shipped from the factory with B5, a blend containing 5 percent
biodiesel. The Jeep® Grand Cherokee CRD’s B5 factory fueling builds on a
similar program implemented with the company’s Jeep Liberty CRD.

The 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee features a 3.0 liter common rail turbo
diesel (CRD) engine built by Mercedes-Benz. Clean diesel technology
improves fuel economy by an average of 30 percent and reduces carbon
dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 20 percent. The Grand Cherokee CRD will
be manufactured at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit and
will arrive at Jeep dealerships in the first quarter of 2007. Peter
Cremer North America of Cincinnati, OH – certified through the
industry’s BQ-9000 quality control program – will supply the biodiesel fuel.

Meanwhile, progress toward a national B20 specification continued to
move forward within the ASTM International technical committee
responsible for specifications that ensure the quality of the nation’s
fuel supply. This is in line with the industry’s goal of strong auto and
engine maker position statements for B20. The committee recently
approved nine ballot items for improvements and changes to the existing
B100 specification. The changes were necessary to move forward on
approval of a blended fuel specification for B20.

The ASTM changes, which included a first-ever agreement on a stability
parameter, were approved at an ASTM petroleum products and lubricants
subcommittee meeting on June 29 in Toronto, Ontario. Previously, failure
to pass a stability parameter was the biggest hurdle to the passage of
blended (B20) fuel specifications. The Engine Manufacturers Association
has recently approved up to B20 for engine testing.

MoDOT, Florida P&L Demo Diesel-Hybrids

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is the first
government agency in the nation to test an energy saving diesel-electric
bucket truck. MoDOT’s use of it is made even more environmentally
friendly by using B20; the department has been using the 20 percent
biodiesel/80 percent diesel mixture for years in its traditional
diesels.  MoDOT officials expect the Utility Hybrid Truck Pilot
Program’s vehicles to cut fuel costs, smog-producing emissions,
maintenance costs and noise and provide an emergency alternative power

"MoDOT is proud to participate in a pilot program that will enhance our
ability to protect the environment and realize substantial fuel cost
savings at a time when gas and diesel prices continue to rise," said
MoDOT Director Pete Rahn. "We look forward to learning more about how
these vehicles will compare to the conventional trucks in our fleet and
how they can help us make the best use of taxpayer dollars."

A conventional bucket truck must remain running at a work site to
operate the hydraulic arm that moves the bucket.  New technology enables
the hybrid truck's engine to be shut off at the work site.  On average,
a conventional bucket truck in MoDOT's fleet consumes 2,176 gallons of
diesel fuel per year.  Applying the fuel savings realized in earlier
tests, a hybrid truck would only consume about half, or an estimated
1,088 gallons of B20 fuel.

Florida Power & Light (FPL), another long-time biodiesel user, was also
selected to receive three of the trucks.  FPL has used B20 to power its
diesel fleet since 2000, and will use B20 in the hybrids. Revamps its Web Presence

Biodiesel Magazine, through BBI International Media, is adding to its
options for readers of biodiesel news. It has just revamped its Web
site, [[, ]] to be a more comprehensive online

This updated site will allow readers to access all issues of the
magazine, searching by key words and categories. It also lists all known
commercial scale biodiesel plants in North America. Additional Web
Exclusive stories will be posted weekly. Other interactive features
include a Question of the Week poll, Ask an Expert, and a commodities
page that posts up-to-the-minute market prices, including various oil,
meal, natural gas and electricity futures. Advertising and subscription
information is also easily accessible from this site.

The online Biodiesel Magazine, like its print version, also includes
“Inside NBB,” a section highlighting the activities of the National
Biodiesel Board (NBB), the trade association representing the industry.

A Pretty Woman with a New Cause

Earth Biofuels, Inc., announced that actress Julia Roberts will become a
spokesperson for the company and will chair the company's newly formed
Advisory Board.  Roberts joins fellow Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman and
country music legend Willie Nelson in promoting the use of renewable
fuels such as Earth Biofuels' biodiesel and ethanol.

"It's very important that we expand our use of clean energy and make a
long-term commitment to it," Roberts said. "Biodiesel and ethanol are
better for the environment and for the air we breathe."

The Advisory Board will provide guidance to senior management on key
issues and will serve to broaden biofuels awareness on a national scale.
Earth Biofuels and Roberts will collaborate on a program to encourage
the use of clean-burning biodiesel fuel in the more than 500,000 diesel
school buses currently in service across the United States.

"The use of biodiesel is a positive step toward minimizing pollutive
emissions and greenhouse gases," Roberts said. "By focusing on school
buses, we can affect the health and wellbeing of the people most
susceptible to that pollution -- our children -- today."

Earth Biofuels is based in Dallas and produces and distributes biodiesel
fuel under the product name “BioWillie.”

Banded Together for Biodiesel

Vans Warped Tour – Along with individual bands using and promoting
biodiesel, the practice continues to be popular with music festivals.
The Vans Warped Tour,, is a traveling rock music
festival visiting 50 cities in 60 days, with eight or nine stages, 70 to
80 bands and an extensive village all operated by 700 crew and artists.
Despite the enormity of energy needs to operate this, the tour is
lessening its impact on the environment through the use of biodiesel,
and through other measures. At the end of the first month of the tour,
direct CO2 was reduced by 134,706 pounds through the use of 41,780
gallons of biodiesel B2O.

Here are some of the other “bands on the bean:”

The Black Crowes - National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has helped the  Black
Crowes find biodiesel blends on the first leg of its 2006 tour.  Bus
driver Bob Bottiglieri took an instrumental role in procuring biodiesel
on the Black Crowes tour.

Guster - The band Guster continues to be a tireless advocate for
biodiesel. The Wisconsin Clean Cities-Southeast Area recently held an
event featuring Guster, the University of Wisconsin’s Challenge X
competition vehicle, and other alternative energy show pieces and
representatives. Challenge X’s vehicle, the “Moovada,” is a Chevy
Equinox re-engineered as a hybrid biodiesel-electric prototype that took
runner up honors at the 2006 Challenge X Department of Energy
competition. This Milwaukee event preceded the Summerfest concert series
where Guster headlined that evening.

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - NBB is one sponsor of Crosby Stills Nash &
Young’s use of biodiesel on the band’s current tour. They are one band
who employs the RoadShow Services trucking company because of its
commitment to finding and using biodiesel.

Plant Opening Today Represents Plant, Terminal and User Growth

A biodiesel plant opening today shows a strong example of the steady
growth of the industry. Integrity Biofuels of Morristown, Indiana, held
its grand opening today with representatives of the American Trucking
Association, National Biodiesel Board (NBB), state officials and the
Indiana Soybean Board present.

Integrity Biofuels, an NBB member, is not the only new biodiesel plant
in the state. Evergreen Renewables, another NBB member, also opened its
doors within the last month. Evergreen is based in Hammond.

Michigan is on track to follow these plants soon. Michigan Biodiesel LLC
held an open house in July for its plant set to open in Fall 2006. The
Bangor Michigan plant is reported to be a 10 million gallon capacity

A next step in biodiesel’s distribution is availability at the terminal.
Marathon recently opened a terminal in Louisville, Ky., for housing and
distribution of biodiesel fuel at the company’s Kramer’s Lane Terminal.
The Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition, the Kentucky Soybean Board and
National Clean Cities, Inc. collaborated with Marathon to attract grants
that helped enable the installation of the blending infrastructure.

One user benefiting from greater biodiesel availability will be the
Portland, Oregon. Its city council unanimously approved an ordinance
that requires all diesel fuel sold in the city to contain a minimum
blend of 5 percent biodiesel. The new requirements take effect July 1, 2007.

Schoolchildren Paint a Biodiesel Picture

A 144-foot biodiesel mural is gracing downtown Boise, Idaho. Boise
junior and senior high schools participated in a Treasure Valley Clean
Cities Coalitions-sponsored event that asked them to create
illustrations showing biodiesel benefiting their area.

Craig Ballhagen, a Clean Cities stakeholder, would like to promote any
other municipal area to do the same.  “This is a great fundraiser for
any school district in the U.S,” he said.  “This alternative energy
mural on biodiesel raised over $9,000.00 for these area schools.  It
also served as an opportunity for local Department of Energy
representatives to hold mini-biodiesel seminars at the schools.

“When the fence that the drawings are mounted on comes down, each
section will go to the sponsors’ place of business for display,” he
said. “The mural, once reconstructed, will be portable and reusable for
various biodiesel events throughout Idaho.  Because the project is
self-funding, the possibilities for promotion and outreach are endless,”
said Ballhagen.

Upcoming Events

Practical Short Course on Biodiesel and Industrial Applications of
Vegetable Oils
Food Protein Research and Development Center, Texas A&M University System
Texas A&M University, College Station
August 20-23

2nd Biodiesel Congress
F.O. Licht and IBC do Brasil
August 22-24
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Great American Trucking Show (GATS)
August 24-26
Dallas, TX

Sept. 18-20, 2006
St. Louis

Great Wall Renewable Energy Forum
ACORE-American Council on Renewable Energy
October 24, 2006
Beijing Int.'l Conference Center
Beijing, China

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