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September 1, 2006
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Biodiesel Hotline Launched at Great American Trucking Show
Petroleum Company Takes a Stand for Biodiesel Quality
Iowa Biodiesel Company Announces Historic Expansion
Conference Shows Biodiesel’s Big Presence in Texas
Lung Associations Educate Health Leaders through Air Forum
Iowa Zooms into Racing, Speeds up Fuel Availability
The Spinx Co., South Carolina Become Leaders in Offering B20	
Gary Wheeler, NBB’s Newest Member: Director of Operations
“Tour De Fat”, Enviro-Friendly Tours Livin’ Large with Biodiesel


Biodiesel Hotline Launched at Great American Trucking Show

As truckers increasingly demand homegrown biodiesel, a new toll-free
number will help them find retail availability anywhere in the United
States.  The Biodiesel Hotline, 866-BIODIESEL, is staffed 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.

The Biodiesel Hotline staff has access to mapping software linked to a
database kept up to date with retail outlets carrying biodiesel,
including whether they are truck or passenger vehicle-only accessible.

Truck accessible biodiesel locations are currently searchable on,  but often truckers do not have access to the
Internet. The Biodiesel Hotline, announced at the Great American
Trucking Show August 25, offers up locations by the means most
convenient for truck – and passenger – drivers: cell phones. The
National Biodiesel Board manages both and 866-BIODIESEL.

“Truckers are committed to using biodiesel and we get a lot of calls
from truckers looking for biodiesel on the road,” said Bill Mack, The
Satellite Cowboy on XM Radio.  “We have been referring them to, but now we can give them a more convenient way to find
biodiesel.”  Mack was on hand at the hotline launch.

Petroleum Company Takes a Stand for Biodiesel Quality

A progressive Northeastern petroleum distributor has become the first
petroleum company in the nation to earn the status of “certified
marketer” for selling biodiesel.  The achievement marks a significant
occasion as the biodiesel industry goes into overdrive to ensure that
consumers receive only the highest quality fuel in their tanks.

Sprague Energy, Inc., a New Hampshire-based energy wholesaler, earned
the certified marketer designation under the voluntary biodiesel quality
program, BQ-9000.

“This designation demonstrates Sprague’s commitment to supplying our
customers with the highest quality biodiesel,” said Sprague President
and CEO John McClellan.  “It is our responsibility to prevent
off-specification biodiesel from entering the marketplace and the
BQ-9000 program ensures this. Put simply, if it doesn’t meet BQ-9000
quality standards, we won’t sell it.”

BQ-9000 is a quality assurance certification program that includes
procedures for fuel storage, handling and management aimed at ensuring
fuel quality throughout distribution.  There are two categories:
certified marketer and accredited producer.  Although there are more
than ten accredited producers, Sprague Energy is only the second company
to become a certified marketer.  The other is Peter Cremer, an
Ohio-based biodiesel manufacturer.

Earlier this year, Sprague opened a rack-blended biodiesel terminal in
Albany, New York.  The terminal helps home heating and diesel fuel
retailers throughout Upstate New York, Vermont and Western Massachusetts
supply a precisely blended biofuel product to their customers.
Sprague’s Albany terminal stores 40,000 gallons of pure biodiesel (also
referred to as “neat” or B100).

Other newly-announced companies adhering to BQ-9000 standards are  Huish
Detergents,  Salt Lake City, Utah; and  Organic Fuels,  Houston, Texas.
They are both Accredited Producers.

Iowa Biodiesel Company Announces Historic Expansion

One of the industry’s pioneer biodiesel producers has announced a
company makeover and the largest planned biodiesel expansion in the
history of the industry.  In August, Renewable Energy Group,® Inc. (REG)
announced completion of a $100 million private equity financing and two
new strategic partnerships.  The company has said its overall biodiesel
production will reach approximately 640 million gallons by 2009,
including third-party plants.

Recently, Iowa-based West Central combined all of its biodiesel related
products and services under REG, Inc.  Although West Central still
operates as a farmer-owned cooperative in Ralston, Iowa, as of August 1,
all biodiesel-related activities at the company moved under the umbrella
of REG, Inc.

REG is comprised of a network of wholly-owned and third-party managed
biodiesel plants. It will use the new capital and strategic partnerships
to expand this network. Its strategic partners, Bunge and E D & F Man
Holdings, Ltd., will help handle the supply of raw materials, site
locations and risk management and logistics expertise.

Conference Shows Biodiesel’s Big Presence in Texas

Texas has become the leading state for biodiesel capacity.  The state’s
plants report they could produce 96 million gallons of biodiesel should
demand rise.  The state’s biodiesel industry has garnered headlines for
its growth, such as when Austin Biofuels and Triple S Petroleum opened
33 new B20 pumps. In the wake of this activity, the state will host its
first Texas Biodiesel Conference and Expo.

The Biodiesel Coalition of Texas (BCOT) will hold the event September
27-29 in Austin. The conference will cover the latest regulatory,
agricultural and technical developments in the Texas biodiesel industry.
  Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), as well as other
industry experts, will address the conference. A trade show is included.
Besides educational activity, networking opportunities will come by way
of the Austin Renewable Energy Tour, receptions and even a Biodiesel
Bash to enjoy Austin’s nightlife.

“It benefits the industry to congeal around common state issues and work
together to solve them on behalf of the greater biodiesel industry and
market,” said Jake Stewart, board member of BCOT and Vice President of
Organic Fuels, an NBB member. “There’s strength in numbers battling
issues in a new industry, or I guess Willie Nelson put it best when he
said quite simply, ‘Don’t mess with Texas Biodiesel’.”

Space at the conference is limited but there are still openings
available for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Check out  to download a registration form and get more
information on the conference.

Lung Associations Educate Health Leaders through Air Forum

Health leaders can receive a comprehensive update on biodiesel and other
renewable fuels through a renewable transportation fuel and air quality
event this month. The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and American Lung
Associations of Washington, D.C., the Upper Midwest and the Southwest
will host their first ever Air Quality Forum on September 8 in
Washington, D.C.

This unique invitation-only event will allow health/environment leaders
- including representatives of lung associations, faith-based groups and
school health organizations - to have a scientific examination of air
quality and the impact of alternative transportation fuels, like
biodiesel. Because these top officials who will be attending are from
across the nation, the knowledge gained from this conference will be far

This workshop’s programs, case studies and panel discussions will
address health effects of transportation pollution, the Clean Air Act,
renewable fuels’ contributions to air quality, fuel production and
distribution capacity, business case for producing and using these
fuels, engine technology, and policy across the nation.

The event draws top-level speakers such as Dr. Jonathan M. Samet, Johns
Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Bill Wehrum, the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency’s top clean air administrator; U.S.
Department of Agriculture Sr. Economist Jim Duffield; Department of
Energy Clean Cities Program Acting Director Dennis Smith and Department
of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory Principal Engineer, Dr.
Robert McCormick.

Iowa Zooms into Racing, Speeds up Fuel Availability

The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) is in the fast lane promoting
biodiesel in auto racing. ISA will sponsor the new Iowa Speedway’s
inaugural race, the Soy Biodiesel 250, in Newton on September 15.  The
Iowa Speedway will host NASCAR United Speed Alliance Racing (USAR) events.

  “Soy biodiesel represents a clean, renewable fuel source for the
engines that move Iowa’s trucking, construction, farming industries, and
river, train, public and private transportation,” said John Askew,
president of the ISA board of directors. “The Iowa Speedway brings
together a broad cross section of Iowans who are involved in these
industries,” he said.

En route to the races, diesel-driving fans have more options of where to
fill up on biodiesel. Prairie Land Co-op is offering B100 (pure
biodiesel) at its cardtrol pumps in Ellsworth, Hubbard, and Ackley, and
B50 at its pumps in Garden City.  This is the first time B100 is
available at the pump in Iowa. The Kum & Go Truck Stop located just off
I-80 near Grinnell is now carrying B2 in all its diesel pumps. That
location will host a racecar and professional driver from the Soy
Biodiesel race, in a Sept. 8 promotion.

More race and Iowa pump information is at

The Spinx Co., South Carolina Become Leaders in Offering B20	

One company has helped South Carolina become a major player in retailing
biodiesel. The Spinx Company,  based in South Carolina, has become a
leader in offering biodiesel blends at the retail level. Spinx currently
owns the most B20 (20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel) pumps of any
petroleum retailer in the nation.

The Spinx Company’s 35 biodiesel locations make it a top promoter of
biodiesel.   In June 2005, The Spinx Company partnered with Willie
Nelson Biodiesel to bring “BioWillie” to the Upstate. Of the Spinx
locations, 11 are truck accessible; more locations are expected to open
this fall.

Meanwhile, Stinker Stores  convenience stations will soon bring the
sweet smell of cleaner fuel to Boise, Idaho. Stinker is opening
biodiesel pumps at 11 of its Treasure Valley area convenience stores
this month. Stinker will offer the blend as its only diesel fuel option.
Organic Fuels, Houston, a member of the National Biodiesel Board,
currently provides biodiesel to the company.

Through state and federal grants, Stinker will also construct a
biodiesel storage and blending facility adjacent to the fuel
distribution terminal in Boise.

Gary Wheeler, NBB’s Newest Member: Director of Operations

Gary Wheeler has joined the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) team as
Director of Operations. Wheeler’s background with the Missouri Corn
Growers Association, Director of Market Development, and with the
Missouri Department of Agriculture made him a good fit for the biodiesel

As Director of Operations, Wheeler is responsible for membership
management, contract management and BQ-9000 operations.

Wheeler replaces Donnell Rehagen in this position.  Rehagen took on the
role of NBB’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Tour De Fat”, Enviro-Friendly Tours Livin’ Large with Biodiesel

Boating and beer. This may sound like your upcoming Labor Day weekend,
but it also refers to some unique tours running on biodiesel. The
Earthrace boat is currently on a promotional tour in the U.S., as New
Belgium Brewery continues on its annual “Tour De Fat” tomorrow.

The Earthrace boat from New Zealand is running on pure biodiesel and
next year attempting to break the speed record for circumnavigating the
globe. Earthrace is open to the public in the respective cities it
visits. Its 18-month program includes 60 international cities, raising
awareness about the sustainable use of resources and of course, going
for the record. Earthrace would also meet the additional feat of
breaking the circumnavigation record on biodiesel, the first time in
history that a powerboat has attempted this using renewable fuel.

Visitors can see the boat and talk to the crew from 10am - 5pm on each
day of the promotional tour leg. Today the boat is to be in Santa Cruz,
Calif.  has been posting daily updates; check it for
available city visits and dates.

Meanwhile, the “philanthropic cycling circus,” put on by the makers of
Fat Tire beer, has been motorcycling its way across the western U.S. New
Belgium Brewery’s fleet vehicles use biodiesel at its operations in Ft.
Collins, Colo. This tour’s diesel vehicles run on pure biodiesel, as
well. On Saturday, the band of bikers in the most elaborate costumes
they can find, hits Missoula, Mt., where fundraising activities will
take place, amid the excitement of a parade, bands performing and of
course, beer.

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