Note the following information about a ham radio technician course being
given at SFCC on Thursday nights. It's a great way to get a license and make
new friends.

Dr. Garlitz

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Hi Jay --

Congratulations on your rebuilding efforts with the Gator Amateur Radio 
Club. That's quite an impressive roster.

I notice there are quite a few on your list who don't have a license 
yet. If any of them are in terested, I'm starting a seven week Thursday 
night Tech class in P-144 here at the college September 21. No charge 
for the course but each student is expected to either have a copy of the 
ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, or access to one.

The 'final' will be the regular monthly license exam session Saturday, 
November 4th.

If any in your group are interested or want more information please have 
them get in touch with me. Jeff Capehart also has information on the 
course. Hope to hear from some of them soon.

Again, congratulations on the progress you've made putting life back 
into the Gator club.

Warren Croke, NW4C
(O) 381-3860
(H) 378-0935
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