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Dear Social Networks Researchers:

In late July I asked you for help in finding data about a histogram 
of daily personal contacts that people have.  Thanks to your 
unselfish helping suggestions, I found the closest citations to what 
I need in my research:

Fu, Yang-chih, "Measuring personal networks with daily contacts: a 
single-item survey question and the contact diary," Social Networks 
27 (2005) 169-186.

Fu, Yang-chih, "Contact diaries: building archives of actual and 
comprehensive personal networks." Field Methods (forthcoming), 2006.

I now have another request:  I need a corresponding histogram for 
trips taken by USA residents, by conveyance type (car, air, bus, 
train, public transportation) and by distance of trip.  Example:  So 
many trips by air are taken each year, and the frequency distribution 
by distance is as follows:  etc., etc.

Do any of you know where I might find such data?


--Dick Larson, M.I.T.

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