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Although I don't want to be misunderstood by appearing somehow
'nationalistic,' I'm tempted to say the victory of Greece against USA
by 101-95 at the world champioship in Japan could be understood as
quite the outcome of a network type of moves and manoevres in the
international basketball arena (perhaps a little reminiscent of the
Medici organizational model - maybe not at all, others could say).
Just a few ingredients of this network process: mobilization of
resources and Greek players coming from the USA or going to NBA,
deployment of coaches and athletes from ex-Yugoslavia, once a
recognized power in world basketball, coupling with a strong link to
athletic Russia, implementing a national policy aiming to decouple
from the most popular sport of football (soccer) and risking a shift
towards basketball  etc. etc.

By the way has anyone done a network analysis of the current world
champioship in Japan?


PS. That this is a sort of "national" network type of success is
discerned from the celebration and festivities taking place allover
Greece right now.. which is not so "rational" from my point of view..

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