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Here is a network graph of a 3000+ on-line community.  The community is 
on a platform that allows private messages/chats/web page visits 
between members.  Any member can read the public messages/announcements 
posted by topic.  Nodes are linked if they exchanged > 5 messages [of 
any type via the membership system] in a specific period.   As you can 
see many people joined and 'use' the system but have not corresponded 
with anyone directly yet... ~ 40% of this network are lurkers/isolates.    [4MB PDF]


On Sep 21, 2006, at 10:24 AM, Ryan Lanham wrote:

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> Has anyone studied "lurkers" in communities or networks?  I am reminded
> of Erving Goffman's famous front stage/back stage metaphors.  What role
> do lurkers perform?  Are they actors?  Is there an audience effect to
> discourse on listservs?

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