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Nanotechnology as a Field of Science: Its Delineation in Terms of Journals
and Patents <> 

The Journal Citation Reports of the Science Citation Index 2004 were used to
delineate a core set of nanotechnology journals and a
nanotechnology-relevant set. In comparison with 2003, the core set has grown
and the relevant set has decreased. This suggests a higher degree of
codification in the field of nanotechnology: the field has become more
focused in terms of citation practices. Using the citing patterns among
journals at the aggregate level, a core group of ten nanotechnology journals
in the vector space can be delineated on the criterion of betweenness
centrality. National contributions to this core group of journals are
evaluated for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005. Additionally, the specific
class of nanotechnology patents in the database of the U.S. Patent and Trade
Office (USPTO) is analyzed to determine if non-patent literature references
can be used as a source for the delineation of the knowledge base in terms
of scientific journals. The references are primarily to general science
journals and letters, and therefore not specific enough for the purpose of
delineating a journal set. 



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