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Dear fellow soc-netters:

I am working with a team on a research project exploring a functional
foods/nutriceutical network. My part is to develop survey questions to
ascertain things like: scale/scope of actor activity and target markets,
general business practice and commercialization strategies (if any), quality
and quantity of linkages with other actors (customers, firms, govt or research
orgs) and identify any gaps that exist in the sector in terms of service
provision, raw material or product. Of course, we need to include both
qualitative and quantitative-based questions. Does anyone out there have a
sample list of questions from which I could build upon?  Any suggestions that
you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I intend to administer this survey online.  "Survey monkey" likely.  Any
other suggestions?

thanks in advance for your help,

Camille (Cami) D. Ryan, B.Comm., PhD Candidate
Interdisciplinary Studies (Knowledge Management and Innovation)
c/o Department of Agricultural Economics
51 Campus Drive
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA

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