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I'd like to say thanks to those who responded positively both through the list and directly.  An expert recommendation can be an incredibly efficient way to advance one's own research and I find that a simple question is often better than a complicated one that biases the responses.  Experts can rank the value of information much better than the Google page rank algorithm or a citation index.  Domain knowledge is invaluable.  While I have researched and implemented several network analysis concepts into real applications, I am no expert and not above asking for information.  Some of you might be interested to know that social network analysis is now showing up at academic and industrial data mining meetings.

The issue of community could be very interesting in terms of understanding group effectiveness (ie: profit) as a function of scale, compexity, dynamics, and information flow.  How does a data analyst at a small remote location acquire methodological knowledge and new skills in a global environment of resource hoarding and guarded corporate information assets?  Can we relate a business unit's success to their ability to actively paticipate in an external knowledge community?  Can we make confident recommendations for managing their connectedness to the outside world to impact profitability?  How has that change over time?  So many questions, so little time.  But perhaps not here. 


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