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Dear SOCNET friends

I wonder where I can find images, pictures, graphics or even moving 
pictures of different types of networks (from simple triads to more 
complex networks of networks) that I can copy into POWERPOINT. The purpose 
of this request for help is twofold: first, I am presenting a paper on 
networks in education in the middle of this month in Geneva, in the 
European Educational Research Conference.  This will a great opportunity 
to educate a non-network audience on the potential of SNA. I believe that 
images are powerful and very effective for this type of education. 
Secondly, I will be offering a course on Networks in Education in a 
Master's course and I would like to use someof these  visual displays for 
didactic purposes.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions. All sources will be 

Sincerely yours

Jorge Ávila de Lima
(PhD, Associate Professor in Sociology of Education)

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