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> One would think a major UF organizational unit, such as The Health
> Science Center with 6 colleges, and especially a unit with a Vice
> President, would have a prominent link from the main UF page. 

EVERYONE wants a link on the home page.  That's Rule Number One.

We can probably just posit a chorus of "Me, Too!" rising from the
campus as a whole.

Having watched evolve since it was bikini, I can say that our
web presence is profoundly enhanced by unity of artisitic vision and
lack of committe-driven placement by momentary political prominence.

Take a look.

the History section.

Some of the previous designs had.... (ahem) pervasive committe input.
We are so drastically better off now.


is a list of major UF organizations. 

We can't stick that list everywhere, and as soon as one of them gets
on the Home Page, we're in status-infighting hell.

So, let's try not to do that, please?

- Allen S. Rout
- Mark Hasn't Paid Me Anything.