The HSC site uses a (modified) UF template. Every UF template I've
seen starts off being pretty darn SEOed.

Even still, the link that Craig provided returned links to the HSC
Library Site, not the HSC homepage. I would suspect this is because
the library site gets tons of traffic of HSC students researching for
papers, etc. I would also assume that such students would bookmark the
Library page, thus making the HSC Library homepage one of the top
entry points under (You might want to put a little
more effort into a post, Craig, before accusing someone of a cop out;
your reply was a cop out in and of itself).

A link to from the homepage would definitely
increase ranking for, but from what Allen said, it
seems unlikely that would happen.

Handsom site, btw, Evan. Check the RGB values for the UF Logo
They don't match up with the official hues for UF websites

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