I've been doing some work with an web-based open source CMS called Drupal
( and it seems to be working well.  I've got it working with LDAP
authentication, so managing content changes is all done with roles based on
Gatorlink authentication. I've also configured it to use one of the UF CSS
templates.  I'm still in the beginning stages of adopting this for use here
at the College of Education, but it looks like it will work well for us.
Not that going with something that others are using gives any legitimacy to
it, but Drupal is used by some big name sites, such as MTV's UK site, NASA,
and IBM.  

Here's a link to IBM's article about it's research process into content
management systems and why they decided to go with Drupal:

Here's a link about MTV going with Drupal:

The MTV example is illustrative of how Drupal can scale to a large audience
and the flexibility to not look like it's managed by a CMS. There's support
for clean URLs (which Google loves), and a host of other great features.
No, I'm not getting any money from Drupal :)  Based on the research I've
done, and going over the research IBM did, Drupal looks like it will provide
what we need.  You can even have a multi-site setup that uses one code base.

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> Subject: Re: Web Content Management
> i've been wondering this too.
> contribute doesn't work well with includes? what happens when you use it
> with them?
> we need something affordable or even free, preferably a web based app that
> has the ease of Word... i'm not even sure if that really exists. i've done
> some research, but it's not easy to find good information.
> is there any plan to ever have a university wide or supported cms?