The HSC site uses a (modified) UF template. Every UF template I've seen starts off being pretty darn SEOed.

Even still, the link that Craig provided returned links to the HSC Library Site, not the HSC homepage. I would suspect this is because the library site gets tons of traffic of HSC students researching for papers, etc. I would also assume that such students would bookmark the Library page, thus making the HSC Library homepage one of the top entry points under (You might want to put a little more effort into a post, Craig, before accusing someone of a cop out; your reply was a cop out in and of itself).

A link to from the homepage would definitely increase ranking for

Handsom site, btw, Evan. Check the RGB values for the UF Logo ( They don't match up with the official hues for UF websites (

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Hi All,

I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring here and say that, based on Jim's
logic, it seems like IFAS should be listed prominently on the front page
as well.


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One would think a major UF organizational unit, such as The Health
Science Center with 6 colleges, and especially a unit with a Vice
President, would have a prominent link from the main UF page. 

Thank you,

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During the web meeting that many UF web managers attended regarding the
intent of UF Websites, the issue regarding search and website usability
had come up. An issue I have been struggling with over the past 5 years
as a web developer for various departments in the Health Science Center,
is the lack of a link to the Health Science Center webpage on the main
UF homepage. I also think that this has been affecting our presence in
some major search engines. 


I suspect that this probably affects many more departments than the ones
that I have been in direct contact with regarding this issue. 


My understanding is that the University of Florida is striving to be one
of the top research institutions, and a significant component of this is
Health Sciences. If one looks at some other top university homepages,
the majority of them have prominent links showing off their Health
Science division. 


Some examples include: <> <> <> <> <> <> 


I feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as
possible because we should be proud of the programs offered here, and
they cannot be found by going to the UF homepage. The only way I was
able to locate the UF HSC was by searching under "H" under the UF
Website directories, and I feel that is not acceptable. 


If there is anyone out there who knows how we can get this process
expedited through the appropriate channels, it would be much



Evan Hochman 




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