I agree. Everyone wants a link on the UF home page, not everyone can
have one and the UF home page has improved over the years.  But who
decides and how is it decided which links appear on the UF home page?
Not complaining -just curious.

Frank Barone
UF Business Services

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> One would think a major UF organizational unit, such as The Health
> Science Center with 6 colleges, and especially a unit with a Vice
> President, would have a prominent link from the main UF page. 

EVERYONE wants a link on the home page.  That's Rule Number One.

We can probably just posit a chorus of "Me, Too!" rising from the
campus as a whole.

Having watched evolve since it was bikini, I can say that our
web presence is profoundly enhanced by unity of artisitic vision and
lack of committe-driven placement by momentary political prominence.

Take a look.

the History section.

Some of the previous designs had.... (ahem) pervasive committe input.
We are so drastically better off now.


is a list of major UF organizations. 

We can't stick that list everywhere, and as soon as one of them gets
on the Home Page, we're in status-infighting hell.

So, let's try not to do that, please?

- Allen S. Rout
- Mark Hasn't Paid Me Anything.