Dreamweaver also has a relatively harmless companion called Contribute
that allows your novice web developers (or web page updaters, as it
were) to be properly managed with user roles and access privileges to
prevent them from editing certain areas of your site, as well as certain
areas of each web page within those areas.  It's handy if you can
actually get it to work right.

- Paul

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Dreamweaver has that functionality as long as all of your web developers

use dreamweaver.  I don't personally use those features as we have a mix

of development tools, but dreamweaver is probably the web management 
tool of choice.  Too bad the price got jacked up when Adobe bought 

Randy S.
> Good morning everyone, can anyone recommend a web page management
> I was hoping to find something to mimic the functionality of Visual
> SourceSafe but for web pages, i.e. check in/out and publish.  Any
> insights would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Bill
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