It may be "operator error" on our part in setting up Contribute for our
web coordinators but Contribute displays includes in an awkward way.
Also it offers no way to for them to edit the includes (which may be a
good thing). 

For our web novices that used to manage simple updates for their
subunits it created quite a bit of confusion for them. We have had a
hard time explaining what all that means to them and it took away a lot
of time in building pages. It was simpler for us to actually do most all
the updates and control them on a secure server with limited access -
only web coordinators that have demonstrated specific skills could
actually do updates using Dreamweaver. This way everything from branding
and editorial "voice" to photography is branded correctly and
consistently across all Departments, Programs and Centers in the biz

I hope this helps...

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i've been wondering this too. 

contribute doesn't work well with includes? what happens when you use it

with them?

we need something affordable or even free, preferably a web based app
has the ease of Word... i'm not even sure if that really exists. i've
some research, but it's not easy to find good information.

is there any plan to ever have a university wide or supported cms?