Hi Stephanie and Greetings to all others,

I've been away from the List for awhile, but its nice to be back.

One thing that has not been mentioned thus far concerns destruction  
of the records.  In our "SLA" we indicated that we would notify the  
"new" company of  any co-mingled records boxes that stayed with the  
"parent" company and were being processed for destruction.  The "new"  
company could then have an opportunity to have the records  
transferred.  However, make sure your attorneys and tax folks are  
aware of any proposed transfers.

Rainer Naus
Records Systems Assoicates

On Sep 6, 2006, at 10:49 AM, Williams, Stephanie wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with the handling of archived records  
> when a
> company has spun off?   Did company identify and take all boxes of
> records with them, enter into separation agreement to have access when
> needed?
> Help, please.
> Stephanie Williams ~ Records Management  / Tronox LLC
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