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In response to Jim's suggestion we would welcome the opportunity to review
the surveys. Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Hi List Servers


This is a brief follow up to my messages of last week.  There have been
almost 90 responses to the survey and in a holiday month, I find that

In the interest of getting as many results as possible, I would ask that
those who have completed the survey to perhaps forward the links to
organizations that you know are engaged in Enterprise Content Management
planning or implementation.  If you have postponed responding . as we all
have time pressures, I have provided the link one more time.  


The survey is available at: 


The results of the survey will be free to all RIM professionals.  The
results will  be downloadable in html or excel format. The survey is
confidential.  I cannot track responses unless you indicate an address in
the comments area.  


My thanks to the UK and RMAA list serves whose responses have been great.
The North American based list serve response is down somewhat from last year
but I am attributing that to the glut of surveys that have come out at this
time as well as holidays.   According to the paper this morning, I should
have expected no response from Italy as everyone was on holiday in August.


I believe that in the next week or so when I open the responses to view you
will all find some value in using the filter tool to gauge your demographic
against the global responses.  


To Canada, I know you are out there . somewhere. (Thanks Art in Vancouver!.
I heard through the grapevine that you responded)


Here are some snippets from this year's responses . so far.


We have 30% response from the US based list serve - 20% from UK and 30% from
the RMAA.  This, I believe, gives a true global demographic response.  It
will be more accurate since we will have no North American bias this time .
but the similarity of responses from 2005 to 2006 shows we are all really
addressing the same issues.


Government Organizations continue to lead the way with 45% of responses.


Interestingly "the planning or implementation" of organization wide
roll-outs has increased from 5% to 10% - more and more are taking the


Last year 55% of respondents had no interest in Web Content features . this
year it has dropped to 38%.  And I think this is a trend that will continue.


Last year 64% of respondents said they would include e-mail management .
this year we have 89% concerned about e-mail within the ECM environment.


Last year ECM repositories with 1 million + documents totaled 20% - it is
now 30%.


I had increased the dollar range for budgeting and expenditure figures from
last year.  Of those who had actually had created a project budget some 30%
of those respondents had budgeted in excess of $1,000,000 US.  Several had
budgeted in excess of $3,000,000.  ECM is not to be entered into lightly.


There are some interesting changes in areas such as training approaches.


Also the comments received (brilliant again! - list servers) indicate that I
should shift the emphasis of the survey from planning to implementation next
year and perhaps focus on areas such as interim systems, communications
approaches and implementation strategies.  Please know that I appreciate
your suggestions and will continue to adjust so that the survey gives us all
a better picture of the changing ECM environment.  






Jim Connelly


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