While our North American Migratory count was relatively low on migrants, we 
got a surprise when the team at the Lee Road Boat Ramp (main entrance) 
counted 47 Snail Kites coming off their roost just west of the canoe trail 
entrance at sunrise.

The birds start coming off the roost up to 30 minutes before sunrise.

They were often seen one or two at a time flying or perching while walking 
the marsh trail (C-7) and the east side of the accompanying impoundents 
between 730 and 10am. You may also see one or more perching on the wires on 
441 approaching the refuge during the day.

The Snail Kites can be seen 6:40-7:30PM coming back into the roost.  At this 
posting the refuge is open 6AM to 8:30PM.

I also had 5 Black-crowned Night Herons between 6-630PM perching over the 
canal next to Lee Road between the Visitors Center turnoff and the Marsh 
Trail turnoff.

If any photographers visit, there have been aircraft flying low over the 
levee and canal near the roost, sometimes flushing the birds in the evening. 
  If you happen to get a picture of any of these craft please send a copy to 
me or the refuge.  The photos may be used to help the law enforcement team 
stop these craft from disturbing these birds.  Thanks, and good birding.

Note this is a fee area. The charge is $5.00/car unless you have a pass.

Keeping one eye on the road,
One eye on the birds.

Kathy Walters
Delray Beach

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