Hi all
   A group of us did a day trip to Ft. Clinch and Egan's Creek today.   We 
started with Ft. Clinch and Kevin immediately found the painted bunting at the 
kiosk at the feeder - fantastic male bird.  We also had one Eastern kingbird.
   A merlin flew through just after that.   Folks found pine, prairie, palm 
and common yellowthroats.   On our way to the pier, Gary found an Empidonax - 
we all worked the bird quite heartily and our consensus was yellow-bellied 
flycatcher beyond a doubt.   This means that my 1% uncertainty from yesterday's 
'Acadian' at Ft. Matanzas is officially retracted.   
   We hit a nice bonanza of migrants on the Willow pond trail today (Ft. 
Clinch) which included:

Blackburnian warbler
Northern parula
Magnolia warbler
Black-throated blue (fem/imm) warbler
Black & white warbler
American redstart
Prothonotary warbler
Common yellowthroat
Red-eyed vireo
White-eyed vireo
Summer tanager
Eastern wood pewee
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Waterthrush sp.

As mentioned above, a few of us has our first palm warbler at Ft. Clinch in 
the dunes.

At Egan's Creek we had:
Prairie warblers
Common yellowthroats
Northern waterthrush
House finches
Greater yellow-legs (1)
Roseate spoonbills
Falcon sp.

We found red knots at Huguenot Park also.

I'm sure we missed some birds on this great day, so a return trip in in 
diane reed
st.augustine, fl

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