It is hard to believe, but a Brown Booby has joined the Masked Booby in Ponce Inlet.

Last night about 6:30 p.m. I receieved a call from Stacey Perfetto that she had taked a boat out to Disappearing Island to see the Masked Booby. She called to say that she and her party were looking at the Masked Booby and that there was also an immature Brown Booby on Disappearing Island.  

This morning I arrived at sunrise and found no boobies on Disappearing Island, but soon found the Masked Booby feeding with many terns and pelicans on a mullet run at the mouth of the Inlet. Soon the Masked Booby returned to Disappearing Island and I looked again through the masses feeding at the mouth of the Inlet and found the Brown Booby. For a short while it rested near the beach on the inside of the Inlet on the New Smyrna Beach side near the South Jetty. Later, it flew off and joined a large group of Brown Pelicans feeding on mullet in the surf off of the North Jetty. At this point, I came in to post the sighting. 

I will check later to see if it lands on Disappearing Island.


Michael Brothers
Marine Science Center
Ponce Inlet

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