Announcing an online conference, Oct. 4-Nov. 1:

Ideology and the Clinic Online Conference Series

PsyBC and Section 9 present our second annual “Ideology and the Clinic” online conference,

Thinking Critically in the Midst of the Maelstrom:

Can psychoanalysis help us stay sane in an insane world?

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FREE CEU’S: Members of Section 9 receive free CE Credits upon completion of the conference. (Easily done online.  Instructions in the conference.)

DATES: Oct. 4 - Nov. 1, 2006

This year we feature groundbreaking papers by Neil Altman (“Psychoanalysis and War”) and Nancy Hollander (“Psyche, Trauma and the Creation of the Political Subject”).
The current global political crisis is making it more and more difficult to think clearly about the emotional storms breaking around us.  Join us as Neil Altman and Nancy Hollander explore how the psychic-social split is no longer tenable as we try to cope with the destabilizing impact of dread and insecurity fostered by an increasingly violent, polarized, and nihilistic world.  Exploring the assumptions about human nature that organize our attitudes toward ourselves and our adversaries, Dr. Altman focuses on dissociative defenses against knowing and feeling in the context of war.  Dr. Hollander’s paper uses aspects of psychoanalytic theory to explain how the convergence of unconscious mechanisms and ideology in the post-9/11 political culture accounts for uncritical consensual support for domestic and foreign policies that attack democracy.  The paper also explores the psychic and social factors that permit the emergence of critical social conscience.
Panelists for this conference are Neil Altman, Philip Cushman, Ruth Fallenbaum, Stephen Hartman, Nancy Hollander, Lynne Layton, Jennifer McCarroll, Andrew Samuels, Stephen Soldz, and Annie Stopford.