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>I am about a month into my new job as "Campus Writing Specialist." I
>work out of our Study Center and am classified as academic staff. One of
>my duties is to "market" writing tutoring services to faculty and
>students, so that more students come for writing tutoring and I can make
>valuable use of my time. We do not want to focus solely on the English
>Specifically, my boss would like me to try to foster relationships with
>faculty so that they will invite me into their classes to assist with
>peer review, or teach a lesson concerning MLA or grammar, for example.
>I would love advice about how to approach faculty from those of you who
>have done something similar to what I am being asked to do, and from
>full-time faculty on this list who have been solicited for their help in
>promoting certain services your institution offers.
>So far, I have sent out a mass introductory letter about myself and my
>services which has resulted in one invitation from a Biology professor
>to assist in peer review, and I have just written up a mass follow up
>letter to remind people about my services as Mid-terms approach.
>It seems like it would be helpful to call and email professors
>individually and ask to come talk to them about what services I can
>provide. But if they make it clear they are uninterested, do I just
>leave it at that? What more can I do if a professor makes it clear that
>they know about my services and that they will contact me if needed,
>like one already has?
>Any ideas? Resources?
>Thank you, for your time
>Jennifer Ambrose
>UW-Waukesha Campus Writing Specialist
>Writing Tutor Coordinator
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Knowledge emerges only through invention and reinvention,  through 
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