Dear Colleagues,


We currently house a computer lab of about 30 PC's within our learning
center, monitoring for explicit or recreational activity has been a real
challenge for our clerical and computer lab aides throughout the semesters
especially with the website "".  Are there any learning centers
or computer labs currently blocking or limiting websites to just academic
research web-pages?  If so, can you please forward any acceptable user's
policy or literature that addresses this question, we have placed AUP
stickers and an AUP screen message as students log in unfortunately we have
had no success with this procedure thus far.  In an effort to creating an
atmosphere conducive to higher learning I strongly feel any form of
recreational web surfing limits PC access to those students that come to our
centers to do legitimate school work.  I am hoping to receive some needed
and helpful assistance regarding this issue; your time is gladly


Best regards,

Albert B. Jimenez
Tutorial Services Specialist
Mt. San Jacinto College
Learning Resource Center
  "Carpe Diem"


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