We do the same as Gael, that is tutor pay rates are directly linked to CRLA
training. We do not pay more to grad students, in fact we prefer to hire
undergrads, nor do we pay less to work-study students.

Our rates are:
$7.75 Short term tutor ( 1.5 hours-3.5 hours of training) Students can only
work in this category for a maximum of one semester
$ 8.25      Entry Level Tutors ( 5.5 or more hours of training)
$8.75 CRLA Level 1 certified   (12 hours of training plus formal evaluation
& 25+ hours of tutoring)
$10.00      CRLA Level 2 certified (additional 10 hours of training, formal
evaluation & 25+ additional hours of tutoring)

We do pay an additional $1.00 per hour at all levels for group tutoring

Roberta Schotka
NADE'08 conference co-chair
Head, Peer Tutoring
Northeastern University Libraries, 242 SL
(617) 373-2150 voice
(617) 373-2529 fax
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