Hello Angela,
I would suggest you look at an important article by Michelle Simpson 
in which she discusses evaluation. Many of the suggestions she makes 
stem from her work in adjunct courses which share some features with 
paired courses/learning communities. Here's the citation:
Simpson, M. (2002). Program evaluation studies: Strategic learning 
delivery model suggestions. Journal of Developmental Education, 26, 
2, 2-39.


>My colleague and I have developed a learning community that links
>developmental reading and basic writing. I am happy to say that the
>community is working well; the least prepared students on our campus are
>successfully attaining the goals of the courses (for the most part,) and
>we are thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie of working together to serve
>the needs of these students. Our next challenge is to prepare assessment
>instruments for the learning community and its effect on student success
>and retention. Clearly, a long-term comparison of GPAs and retention
>rates of those who are part of the learning community and those who are
>not will be a good measure, but we also need some short term instruments
>to prove that the work we are doing with these students is making a
>difference. I would appreciate your advice and experiences about this
>Angela Huettl
>English Lecturer
>Indiana University South Bend
>South Bend, IN
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Knowledge emerges only through invention and reinvention,  through 
the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry men pursue in 
the world, with the world, and with each other. --Paolo Freire

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