We have a program and policy at my college. Like your college we have 2 levels of developmental math - Math 001 and Math 002.  If a student places into Math 001, they must successfully complete it, and then take and successfully complete Math 002 before they can register to take a college credit math course.  As you mentioned, this often delays their entrance into college math by one year!

We have had great success at NCC, by offering the student options for "developmental intervention" either before they begin their first semester, or after a failed attempt during the semester. We run traditional classroom - 12 or 15 hour brush-up courses through our Life Long Learning Office, and/or we offer students an change to take an on-line college readiness program called A+dvancer Learning.  Both options afford the "serious" student with the opportunity to enroll in  a program that will help strengthen their skills and help them succeed.

The placement testing office in conjunction with the math department gives the student the permission to take the brush-up or A+dvancer program.  The success rate for both programs has been great. Last semester almost 60% of the students who took the the brush-up course through Life Long Learning passed upon completion of the course and almost 70% of the students who took the A+dvancer on-line program passes upon completion of the coursework.

I wish you much luck with the program - I am sure it will have positive results!


Noreen E. Wade
Director Placement Testing
Nassau Community College
One Education Drive 
Garden City, New York 11530
(516) 572-3559
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From: Geoffrey Krader <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Friday, October 27, 2006 2:51 pm
Subject: Intersession developmental math review course

> I am hoping that I could tap your collective experience to help us 
> with a 
> program we are planning to trial in January.
> At Morton College, there are two developmental algebra courses 
> (Elementary 
> and Intermediate Algebra).  Each course is a semester in length.  
> Students 
> may place into either course (or a lower level Basic Mathematics 
> course).  
> Students enrolled in Elementary Algebra who do not pass that 
> course must 
> retake the entire course and complete it successfully before 
> enrolling in 
> the Intermediate course.  That delays their entry into 
> Intermediate Algebra 
> -- and college-level math -- by an entire semester.
> For students who did very poorly in Elementary Algebra, retaking 
> the course 
> seems to be the appropriate course of action.  However, we believe 
> that some 
> students -- those who came "close" to passing -- might succeed in 
> Intermediate Algebra if they could take a short remedial course 
> between 
> semesters to address the deficiencies that prevented them from 
> passing the 
> course in the first place.  If they pass the intersession course, 
> they would 
> be able to enroll in Intermediate Algebra during the following 
> semester as 
> if they had passed Elementary Algebra in the first place. The 
> intersession 
> course would be by invitation only (i.e., instructors would 
> identify 
> students who might benefit from this course).  Depending on the 
> number of 
> students (we are a relatively small community college), the topics 
> covered 
> might even be tailored to specific students' needs rather than 
> follow a 
> rigid syllabus.
> We are planning to run this course for the first time during the 
> first half 
> of January, before the start of the Spring semester.  We would run 
> the 
> course again during the first half of August, before the start of 
> the fall 
> semester.  I was wondering if any of you have experience with 
> similar ideas, 
> comments on this idea, or other ideas that address the same set of 
> issues.  
> If you do, I would appreciate hearing from you.
> Thanks,
> Geoff Krader
> Mathematics Instructor
> Morton College
> Cicero, IL 60804
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