I recommend "College Study: The Essential Ingredients" published by Prentice 
It provides a self-directed approach to college study, and includes learning 
behaviors, attitudes, and styles. Exercises are meaningful and give students 
the opportunity to reflect on what they are learning and how it applies to 
their own success. It  also includes many collaborative learning activities.

Besides use in the classroom with a credit-bearing course, chapters can be 
used separately for workshops. Our tutors use it as part of their training 
course, with the emphasis on integrating strategies (how to learn) with 
Arden Hamer
Developmental Studies
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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> Dear Rod,
> I agree with Saundra that is a wonderful site, but I also 
> use
> Carolyn Hopper's Practicing College Learning Strategies, 4th edition (ISBN
> 0-61873179-2, Houghton Mifflin Company.)  A definite how-to book with
> practical exercises that incorporate the content in the practice of new
> skills.  She also has online resources at or
> Her text uses so much of what we know about the brain to support the
> learning strategies.  And we all know that when students have a purpose or 
> a
> reason for doing a task they are more apt to remember it and apply it.
> Lisa Burns, x2393
> Tutor Coordinator
> 155 Greenwood Library
> Longwood University

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