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*         K-20 councils - to better coordinate education from elementary
through postsecondary - appear to be popular among candidates, who Merritt
said are proposing to "actually give them some teeth." In Arizona, Gov.
Janet <>  Napolitano, a Democrat, is touting
the new P-20 council that aligns high school and college work expectations.
Colorado's Democratic candidate, Bill Ritter
<>  , wants more high school courses that
sync up with either vocational courses or traditional college classes. In
Massachusetts, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey <> , a
Republican, is calling for a higher education consortium in each region to
better connect colleges and universities with high schools and businesses.


Oct. 26, 2006

Statehouse Races and Higher Ed

They stand on a couch, but that doesn't do the trick. They try again from
the stairs, but the two youngsters featured in Martin
<>  O'Malley's campaign
advertisement just can't touch that darned college diploma that's framed on
the wall.

"These days, a college degree is just beyond the reach of too many Maryland
families," the announcer says in a foreboding voice.

O'Malley's opponent in the Maryland governor's race, Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich
Jr. <> , portrays himself as
a middle-class success story in his own folksy campaign ad.

"My folks didn't come from a lot of money," Ehrlich says in a
less-than-foreboding voice. "College was going to be difficult under any
circumstances. So, I worked hard, received a few scholarships, played some
football and sold sandwiches for pocket money. I was given an education, and
the opportunity to succeed in life."

Each candidate devotes an entire television spot to higher education, which
has emerged as one of the defining issues in the Maryland governor's race,
as it has in a number of other campaigns across the country.


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