By revoking admission of applicants who goof off late in high

    school, U. of Washington hopes to do small part to fight


Oct. 4, 2006

Scaring Seniors Straight

The problem, as laid out in a series of federal reports and statements by
politicians and educators alike in recent years, is clear: Too many high
school students are frittering away their senior years, creating what the
Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education, in
its report last month, called a "vast wasteland" at a point that young
people should be gearing up for college.

The solution is far less clear. But the University of Washington is trying
to combat the problem in its little corner of the world, adopting a policy
this year in which it is reviewing the senior year transcripts of all
applicants and systematically withdrawing the acceptances of those who
seriously flopped or fooled around.



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