1.  Does your institution have mandatory placement for reading?


Yes = mandatory assessment and placement.


2.  What assessment do you use for reading placement?  Do you do a follow-up
assessment to ensure proper placement?


COMPASS, ASSET; yes, a follow-up = after previous assessments indicate one
of two levels of dev ed reading, we provide an informed opportunity during
the first week of classes for the purpose of the student using the
Nelson-Denny (as a pre- and post-assessment that is given an amount of the
grade for the semester) to confirm or change their reading placement


This semester, a more intense sermon was delivered for their entire first
class session about their gaining access to the reading courses based on
what each of them told us by his or her previous assessing performances.
For whatever reasons, of the 111 students whom I assisted with the NDRT-G,
over 30 students, about 33 or 34 without digging, changed sections with 27
or 28 moving from the lower level reading skills course to the higher level
reading skills course and with the others understanding the results and,
after discussion, agreed to move from the higher level to the lower level
reading course.  Three or four tested out but opted to take the higher level
course because of individual weaknesses in individual reading comprehension
skills they perceived the practice could strengthen.


The link for the Missouri Developmental Education Consortium (MoDEC)
provides this inner link for placement information for eight of our state's
community colleges:


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