Oct. 6, 2006

Methods for Teaching Math

Math instructors at community colleges face an uphill battle by many
measures: the U.S. Department of Education
<>  says that
fewer than half of high school graduates are prepared for college-level math
and science, high school test scores in math have barely budged since the
1970s and American students rank a sorry 24th out of 29 developed nations
for mathematical problem-solving skills. Two-year colleges - which attract
higher numbers of students needing remedial education than their four-year
counterparts - bear the brunt of the challenge of getting students up to

With these bleak realities as its backdrop, the American Mathematical
Association of Two-Year Colleges released a report
<>  Thursday, "Beyond Crossroads: Implementing
Mathematics Standards in the First Two Years of College." The document
offers practical suggestions to help faculty members and administrators
"meet students where they are," as the association's president, Kathy
Mowers, said.

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