Hi All:


I am being asked to justify the $1/hour premium over regular work-study
wages that I pay our peer tutors (i.e. regular work-study students are paid
MI minimum wage of $6.95/hour, I am trying to continue to pay my beginning
work-study tutors $7.95/hour).  While they seem to understand the reasons
why (increased responsibilities, etc.), our administrative team would like
to see some actual data.   


Is anyone else paying their peer tutors a higher hourly wage than regular
work-study workers, and if so, could you identify your institution as 2 or 4
year?   Actual wage information is probably not necessary as it's so
dependent on location and institution, but any other information you'd like
to include would be wonderful.


As always, thank you all! 



Kate Jakobson, Director

Tutoring and Student Success

Kirtland Community College

989.275.5000 x 211


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